Illuminated Arboreal Data Codes, 2016

Koryn Rolstad

Powder coated aluminum, dichroic acrylic, stainless steel

Developed as a symbol of communication and commerce throughout history, three major groupings totaling 15 tree forms depict the graphic and iconic elements of technology communication circuits. At each end of the branches, silver nodes with dichroic discs flash radiant spectrums of color depicting the animation of communication circuitry. Etched on the stainless steel tiles that emanate from the trees are ancient through modern forms of text language, used by many cultures to continue their messages and stories:

1. Cuneiform – One of the most ancient and sophisticated languages used for inter-cultural trading and communication.
2. Morse Code – Connected communication over large land and water areas.
3. Braille – A language that opened up a whole world for the visually impaired and assimilated this large culture back into society.
4. Binary – An open code system birthing our forward thrust into communication technology.

Each of the languages is translated to the corresponding quote panel chosen by the representatives of the Rawls College of Business.