Zephyr, 2019

Marc Fornes


Dueling cantilevers extend from a complex center, like a knot in the campus path. This architectural intervention for Texas Tech University serves as a social anchor at the convergence of many flows.

Like the university community, many constituent parts lend strength to the whole. Structural aluminum stripes climb the intensive curvature of the column and open into surface condition, generating a complex canopy overhead. The diagonalized pattern gives form and direction to the self-supporting skin, uniting structure, material and experience into a single architectonic system.

Zephyr provides an opportunity for connection and camaraderie amidst a bustling microcosm. Inside a wind tunnel, through a colonnade and under a canopy, the campus community will find a slowed moment of peace, as if carried away by pleasant, westerly wind.

Dimensions: 18’ H x 48’ W x 13’ D
Material: two layers of 3mm aluminum
Linear Cut Distance: 7,400 meters
Number of Parts: 2.343
Number of Rivets: 59,216