Viva Tree, 2017

Bruce Munro

LED Light source, optical fiber, acrylic, stainless steel

Texas Tech University System
Administration Building
Located in main entrance lobby

Viva Tree is a light-based sculpture that is created from a series of helix type forms suspended from a ceiling plate shaped by four circles interconnecting. With a palette of light, acrylic, and stainless steel, the artwork enhances the surrounding texture of the interior space while retaining its own unique character and form.

Viva Tree takes its name from the Spanish for live or life. This is a wonderful expression of harmony with our Spanish Renaissance architectural heritage. The work expresses the new beginnings for the building, and is the artist’s salutation to the future of all who pass through.

Artist Bruce Munro is best known for large immersive light-based installations inspired primarily by his interest in shared human experience and connection. Viva Tree is a site-specific sculpture from the artist’s Light and Language series. The words “Honor” and “Vision” are etched into the prisms, written in the dot and dash language of Morse code.