Oblique Intersection, 2019

Lead Pencil Studio: Annie Han & Daniel Mihalyo

Korean American, American
Black Oxide Stainless Steel

Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo are American artists who work at the scale of buildings and incorporate the lexicon of architecture and the site-specific history of places.  Often rendered in translucent volumes, their work functions on the edge of visual perception to invite physical exploration.

Observing the influence of Spanish Renaissance architecture and its regional translation, Oblique Intersection retains the language of recognizable building elements seen on campus.  The translucent sculptural form is made legible with viewer movement around the sculpture.  Constructed entirely with stainless steel rods, the ephemeral form is intended to be visually ever-changing based on a viewer’s position relative to the sun and seasons.  This additive method of drawing-in-space introduces an oblique geometry to reflect the transposed architectural style and its reinterpretation across the distance of continents and time.