Camino a Casa, 2002

Joel Salcido

Silver Gelatin Print on Archival Paper

Texas Tech University
Administration Building
East wing administration building

By printing his photos in warm tones of earth, Salcido seeks to capture fragments of time where “visual poetry and beauty reside.” In 1999-2000, the Salcido family, seeking to understand its roots, moved to Belorado, a small village in northern Spain. Photos produced during the artist’s yearlong sabbatical there culminated in Spain: Millennium Past.

In this series, the artist suspends time and its ceaseless evolution to invite viewers to experience images of a rich culture that pauses to savor life’s simple joys; El Aprendizaje, Camino a Casa, and Toro Oscuro come from that series. Zabila and La Silla are from the artist’s Hecho en Juarez, a series in which he chronicles intimate scenes from the Cuauhtémoc Market.