Aureole, 2017

Shane Allbritton

Ceramic-Steel Discs

Artist Shane Allbritton extracted visual components from blueprints, physics, formulas, calculations, machinery, and diagrams to create “Aureole”, reconfiguring them to create a new artistic expression and allude to the programs in Industrial Engineering.

“Aureole”, or enlightened circle, employs these symbols from various fields and arranges them in a circular composition, like a mandala, which is in itself symbolic of a diagram or chart. The centers of the discs are visually more chaotic and become streamlined as they reach outwards. The circular form represents a wholeness or integrated approach to its creation, whereby each piece of the equation is balanced and weighed against the other, visually constructing the final solution to an engineering puzzle.

Each disc artistically represents one of the five areas within the Industrial Engineering Department. Those areas are (from left to right): Operations Research, Systems and Engineering Management, Statistics and Quality Control, Manufacturing Systems, and Ergonomics and Human Factors.