As Far as the Eyes Can See, 2020

Ilan Averbuch

Cor-ten Weathering Steel and Granite

As Far as the Eyes Can See comprises two colossal rings of rough-cut granite stone and a branch made of Cor-ten weathering steel. The rings are made of recycled curbstone from old cities and roads. From a distance it is an object and an image, but as we enter the sculpture it becomes architectural and spatially engaging. The twin stone circles suggest wheels, movement, and physical motion, but can also be read metaphorically representing the circles of natural cycles. The stone rings remind us of two massive frames that offer alternating views of the surrounding landscape. The sculpture becomes a lens into and out of the campus inspired by the curiosity of inquisitive minds, asking students to look further than the limits they see before them.

Ilan Averbuch is a sculptor living and working in Long Island City, New York. His sculptures have been featured in gallery and museum exhibitions, as well as installed permanently in public spaces across the United States, Israel, Canada, Switzerland, India and Germany.